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Know More about Choosing a Topic for Thesis

Choosing a topic for writing a thesis can be more or less a daunting task. There are certain criteria which will help you to choose a good topic for your thesis. These include novelty, context, and competence.
The first criteria novelty refers to searching for original or new ideas. Novelty comprises of three approaches. The first approach includes working towards a specific goal which nobody has ever achieved. The second one includes choosing a particular topic and working on a problem or question which has not been addressed previously. The third approach includes applying a new kind of methodology. In fact, the methodology need not be new, but new to the question addressed. The second criteria context refers to putting the problem in the right context within the existing research. This is to ensure that nobody has attempted this topic before and also to provide a justification for your research. This also provides a learning experience from methodologies applied by different researchers. The third criteria competence refers to the resources and skills needed to accomplish the project.
After following the three criteria, you can move on to choosing the thesis topic which includes idea generation, testing, elimination and refinement. In idea generation, it is good to consider several ideas in the initial stage and pick the best out of the lot as you move on. The testing stage is quite important while choosing a thesis topic because the project needs to be viable. Testing includes conducting simple experiments, checking the resources, reading the literature concerned, and seeking the opinion of experts. In the stage of elimination and refinement, impractical ideas are discarded and some ideas are refined. Finally, it is important to get good quality data without which writing a thesis is meaningless.
To summarize, the guidelines discussed above will surely help you to select a good topic for thesis.

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