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Keys To Writing A Bad Thesis

No one in this world sets out to write a thesis that is of bad quality. However, there are some who are determined to produce a good quality research work but end up writing a bad piece. In fact, even though some people want their theses to change their lives, it becomes almost impossible to do so due to having written a poor quality piece. Here are some common mistakes that people make while writing their theses.

Broad scope of study

If you keep a broad scope of study, it will work against you since depth is what is needed while doing your doctoral thesis and not breadth. Moreover, if the terms are vague and have not been explained by you, it can lead to problems later on. So, avoid keeping the scope of your study broad and explain the terms carefully while writing your thesis. You would also need to have a precise focus for your work. Make sure you gather more ideas and write about each of them deeply.

Constraining your creativity

The outline of your thesis should never constrain your creativity. The outline of the research work is one of the things you must avoid thinking about while writing your thesis. Otherwise, it would restrict your creativity very badly. You are going to need to write more than four hundred pages for your doctoral thesis, which is why you should always remember to plan ahead of time.

Presume that the internet is right

It is not a good habit to presume that if some things are not on the internet, they are not right. Moreover, relying on some information that is available on the internet alone will restrict your creativity and that is not the point of research. You should preferably research from the different books available on the subject.

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